Reachaus makes your dream business a reality !

With the world becoming more digital, we strongly believe that

You don’t need a tattoo studio to be a Tattoo Artist, You don’t need a saloon to be a Makeup Artist, Or simply not even a store to offer Handworker services.

All you need is a Reachaus Provider account. We help you to increase your customer reach, digital presence by offering a simple & easy mobile app to run your business online and on the go.

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Register with Reachaus provider app > Follow verification process > Recharge with Reachaus credits > Receive leads & Bookings

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3 easy steps

1. Service Provider Profile

Reachaus helps you to present your skills and business online professionally. Our provider app is multilingual and helps you to conveniently manage your offered services, pricing, VAT, availability schedules, holiday calendar, quotations and many more. Reachaus is a smart way to gain online presence and increase your business performance.

2. Bookings / Leads

There are two ways of bookings: 

1. Customers will choose you from a list of service providers and make a booking request to you.

2. Customers make an individual service request which goes to all service providers. 

After accepting the request you can discuss the project details with the customers. A small service fee will apply, see more in our pricing overview. For the customer it means a flexible service on demand, for you it means flexible work to grow your business and fill in the gaps.

3. The Job

When finishing the job you will have to hit a button in the app “Job finished”. After this your customer may rates the quality of your work. The payment will come from the customer and you can send him your invoice. That´s it! Pretty simple for having some extra money and growing your business right?

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