FAQ Service Providers

You have some questions? No worries, we´re keen to answer them. If there are still some open points, please don´t hesitate to contact us here.


  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be ready with your contact details, address proof and valid ID. In case of Businesses, we require a proof of business registration. This increases safety on our platform.
  • To be able to offer service on the fly, we recommend having your smartphone.
  • Bank account details, credit card etc. as a payment method.
  • A summary of your experience to complete your profile.

Our process is very simple and straight forwad. You can either register as a Business or as an Individual. Registraton on platform can take upto max 10 mins including the verification process. We generally need 24 hours to validate and approve the service provider account.

All services currently available on the platform can be offered & selected by a service provider. All our services are displayed here. You can also provide several services, for example: If you are an electrician you can also provide help with moving houses. Just choose from the dropdown option in in your profile. If you haven´t found your preferred service, contact us and we might open a new category for you.

Services can be created at the time of profile verification but there is always a possibility to adapt the service or pricing within the service provider app.

No, it´s completely up to you if and how many orders you will accept. If you cannot accept the order just decline it.

After accepting the lead, you will be able to see the contact details of your customer. There will also be a chat window to communicate.

At the end of your job the customer will be asked in the app to rate your work. You can also talk about the rating with him. If you have done an excellent job and the customer is satisfied, you earn a five-star rating. The customer will have to select predefined statements of your work which are in a drop-down menu in the rating process. Those statements will appear next to the star rating.

A custom service request is a way to ask for a service which needs more details or is a bit more complicated. For example: A customer wants to get his bathroom tiled. The customer already removed the old tiles and did some renovation. Now you get a request to tile his bathroom. You will receive photos of the bathroom and some more details. Based on that you can decide if you want to take this job.

You will receive your payment directly from the customer. We are not witholding any of your payments.

No, we won´t as you are responsible for the content and appearance of invoices of your company. You will have the opportunity to upload your invoice for the customer within the app.

Yes, during the registration process, you will be able to choose between “small business regulation no VAT” and “regular business with VAT”. If you are a freelancer you can select “freelancer”.

No we absolutely don´t. You are free to put your prices, we do not dictate prices for your service.

No you don´t, customers sometimes put a random date for the service as they can only choose 1 time slot. So it could happen that it is totally ok for the customer to receive the service to another date. Just accept the request and talk to each other. 


Our service is cheaper than a pretzel. See our pricing overview for more details.

Yes, absolutely. We will send it to your email or you can find it in the app.

Verified Service Provider

Beeing “verified by Reachaus” puts you on top of the search results and it increases trust with the customer. You will also receive a badge and chances are higher that the customer will choose you to carry out his task.

In Germany there are different requirements for having a business:

  • Craftsmen of certain trades will have to have a “Master craftsman certificate“ (Meistertitel/Meisterbrief) in order to run a craft business. We need to verify that certificate.
  • We also need to see the “Trade license” (Gewerbeschein) to be sure you have a valid business in Germany.
  • Other specific documents and requirements for conducting a particular business activity.
  • Have a professional liability insurance (Berufshaftpflichtversicherung).

Cancellation and liability

Sometimes this happens. Make sure that before both parties agree on the task that you provide him your cancellation and rescheduling policy. In most cases a suitable solution for both sides can be found.

Sometimes damages occur and things get broken, that´s normal. Like in every other case, you will be liable for damages caused by you or your employees. Make sure you have a professional liability insurance and things will work out well. Note: Reachaus is only a mediator and is therefore not liable for damages or other conflicts caused by service providers.